Nissan Is Set to Unveil Its Bold, Punk EV Future

October 20th, 2023 by

For the better part of this century, electric vehicles and hybrids have been billed as the future of the automobile industry. However, no manufacturer has been able to truly match the concept of that vision with bold, forward-thinking designs. That all changes next week, thanks to Nissan. 

Over the course of October, Nissan has been steadily revealing concept art for its eye-catching, futuristic line of all-electric concept vehicles. Next week, at the Japan Mobility Show on October 25th, all four vehicles that have been previewed will make the jump from the digital art space to the real world with their physical debuts. 

The word “hyper” is used to denote each vehicle, highlighting Nissan’s heightened excitement for the series’ potential. The first EV shared was the Hyper Urban, which immediately set the standards we’d see throughout the rest of this exciting series of cars: angular designs, striking colors, and an altogether futuristic sheen. 

The Urban is a chrome chameleon of a vehicle, its golden body changing expressions depending on which angle the light hits it from. The interior, inspired by kaleidoscopic triangles, is equipped with front seats that collapse and fold, enabling you to turn the Urban into a private relaxing space. Nissan has even stated its intent for the Urban to be parked inside loft apartments, thereby functioning as yet another interior space. 

The Hyper Adventure was the second model revealed. In contrast to the interior-focused Urban, the Adventure is the choice for off-road performance, a sports SUV designed for drivers who are as passionate about preserving the outdoors as they are in exploring it. Thanks to Nissan’s advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel control system, the Hyper Adventure is more than capable of traversing everything from snowy mountains to muddy woodlands. The wheels and bumpers are specially outfitted with snow traction gears to serve this purpose. On the interior, the instrument panel connects to the bottom of the windshield, creating a wide field of view, as though the body of the Adventure were transparent.

The Hyper Tourer followed the reveal of the Adventure. This all-electric minivan is the spacious option of the series, geared towards fostering a communal environment. The front seats swivel 360 degrees, enabling face to face conversations inside the vehicle. Rear-seat passengers have access to a wearable display, allowing them to operate the navigation and audio of the front-seat center display, promoting interaction amongst all passengers. Additionally, innovative AI technology will be able to register brain waves, breathing, and heart rate, using the readings to adjust the music and lighting to fit your mood. 

The last piece of the puzzle was revealed earlier this week. Given how every vehicle in this series has looked straight off the streets of Cyberpunk 2077, it’s fitting the final installment should be the Hyper Punk. The Punk is an all-electric crossover, the flashiest choice from an altogether ambitious series, tailored for artists who value style and innovation. Its maximalist design and aerodynamic performance reflect the owners’ ambitions of shattering norms, and its interior is crafted like a mobile creative studio, enabling users to seamlessly connect to their devices and create on the go. 

Nissan also announced that, to coincide with the series’ official reveal at the Japan Mobility Show next week, all four concept vehicles will become available on the popular online game Fortnight. That is an ideal match, given how much the Hyper series’ designs seem steeped in video game logic as opposed to our own reality. 

But that reality is less than a week from experiencing another paradigm shift, as we get set to witness these strikingly innovative creations in three-dimensional action. Until then, Steven Nissan is Virginia’s expert in all things EV, from general questions to home charging info. Whether you’re thinking of making the change to electric, are in the market for a new or used EV or hybrid, or are looking to sell, we’ll take care of you in the present while we await the next evolution of the electric future.