Do You Know These 4 Facts About Nissan?

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Whether you’re a lifelong Nissan lover or a casual car fan, chances are you love obscure facts about different car brands. That’s why we put together this list of four fun facts about Nissan that you should know. Once you finish the list you’ll be a bit more knowledgeable about the Nissan brand and have some interesting conversation starters for your next watercooler meeting.

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Century Club

Nissan is one of the few automakers in the world that has been in business for over 100 years. The company first began way back in 1911 in Japan under the name “Datsun” which was named after the company’s predecessor the Kwaishinsha Motor Car Work.

One of the first cars produced by Kwaishinsha was the “DAT”, of which the company name “Datsun” was born. The model’s name was an acronym that combined the company’s first three investors’ names — Den, Aoyama and Takeuchi.

By the year 1932 and after the DAT had become quite popular, Kwaishinsha Motor Car Work rebranded to Datsun which loosely meant “son of DAT”. This name change and rebranding proved quite successful for the company, with Datsun going on to become an internationally recognized company before it became known as Nissan.

The Datsun brand continued to produce cars all the way until 1986 when the Nissan name became official. However, in 2013 Nissan decided to bring back the Datsun moniker to sell in certain Asian markets. While the revival of Datsun proved quite successful, the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic caused Nissan to axe the Datsun program due to reduced sales and increasing supply chain issues.

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Nissan Went to Space

Beginning in 1953 Nissan found itself involved in the rocket engine manufacturing industry. The company began R&D on rocket engines for the Japanese space program and made some incredible advancements. Its most notable success was the creation of the Lambda 4S-5, a carrier rocket used in the Japanese space program.

Nissan’s Rocket Division had a number of successes over the years, including the H-1 carrier rocket which featured a fully Nissan-developed engine. As a result of these advancements, Nissan was able to play a major role in launching the first Japanese satellite into orbit back in 1970.

Despite many successes and prestigious accomplishments, Nissan sold off the aerospace division in the year 2000.

Japan’s First

Another incredible achievement in the history of Nissan is its place as Japan’s first mass-produced car ever. That’s right, Nissan mass-produced the Datsun Model 14, which would go down in history as the first mass-produced Japanese vehicle.

The Model 14 was released in 1935 as a result of fully integrated manufacturing technology finally being implemented by Nissan. According to the record books, Nissan made at least 20,000 Model 14s during the production run — aptly earning it recognition as the “Model T” of Japan.

The World’s Fastest

Nissan proudly holds the world record for the fastest drift., which was performed in the powerful R35 GT-R. In 2016 Nissan took a specially-modified GT-R to a track and completed a 30-degree angle drift at a blazing fast speed of 189 miles per hour. This incredible feat was performed by Masato Kawabata, a Japanese drifting champion and daredevil.

Drifting is the act of intentionally oversteering through turns while at speed in an attempt to maintain control of the car at an extreme angle. The faster you drive and the crazier an angle you take is what makes a good drift into a great one. It is a daring sport and one that should be left to professionals on a closed circuit.

Kawabata completed the drift on a nearly two-mile airstrip, which was more than sufficient for him to reach the incredible speed he did. A representative from the Guinness World Record book was in attendance, so Kawabata’s record will live on forever in history — until someone more daring takes that crown from him.

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